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ICNF2017 - 3rd International Conference on Natural Fibers "Advanced Materials for a Greener World"


Following up the great success of ICNF2013 and ICNF2015, covering the topics, "Sustainable materials for advanced applications" and "From nature to market", ICNF2017 will focus on "Advanced Materials for a Greener World", aiming to explore the potential of natural fibres to build a Greener World for the future generations. To fulfil this important goal, along with the scientific sessions, Natural Fibrenamics Award contest will be organized to promote and show new innovative natural fibre based products from all over the world.

Local:Meliã Braga Hotel & Spa, Braga, Portugal
Data:21 a 23 de Junho de 2017
Organização:Fibernamics, Universidade do Minho, TecMinho - Interface da Universidade do Minho, Sciencentris
Inscrições:Up to 31st March 2017: Authors €450 / Students €250 / Accompanying person €50 / Exhibitor €2500

ICNF2017 - 3rd International Conference on Natural Fibers
University of Minho
School of Engineering
Guimarães, Portugal
Tel.: (+351) 253 510 204
Tlm: (+351) 917 798 754
Fax: (+351) 253 510 217

Imagem:ICNF2017 - 3rd International Conference on Natural Fibers
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